One Mo

The Gift of One Moment

A website for healthcare workers in need of a moment.

You are amazing. You bring strength, courage, skill, and commitment to your work, but like this tree you need support. You deserve support. Maybe you don’t have 10 minutes, or even 5. But you do have 35 seconds.

You are not alone.


  • breathe
  • and again
  • let your shoulders drop
  • choose a video below
  • select full screen
  • be there in that scene – look, listen, wonder
  • 35 secs or just 5 breaths
  • come back again

For you

If you work in healthcare right now your work is exhausting – physically and emotionally. You may feel disconnected from your spiritual groundedness – your meaning and purpose, your joy and fulfillment.

No one is going to give you the time you need, so take it – 35 seconds or 5 breaths. It isn’t enough but it is something. A moment to renew you for the next demand.

You will find moments to renew your body (reminders to breathe, stress relievers), mind (reflections on self-care), and soul (scenes of beauty, sounds of serenity, prayer). And occasionally some humor.

About Me

I am a retired hospital chaplain.

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