Season Survival

What and who is most important to you during this holiday season? Plan accordingly even if it means saying No to some things. What are you feeling? Don’t smother it. Talk or journal instead. Don’t try to eat or drink your feelings away because you feel you need to be “up” all the time. ScheduleContinue reading “Season Survival”

How to Reduce Anxiety Quickly

A quick set of tools from Psych Central, an independent mental health information and news website. Psych Central is overseen by mental health professionals who create and oversee all the content published on the site. The site was created in 1995. Wikipedia “Psych is the leading mental health and psychology network today, reachingContinue reading “How to Reduce Anxiety Quickly”

Stress and Anxiety Apps

PTSD Coach Online. The VA has developed free tools available to anyone in the general public who is struggling with Anxiety and Stress. If you are in healthcare and have been dealing with Covid-19 for the last 2 years … you have experienced both Trauma and Stress on an intense level. Don’t be put offContinue reading “Stress and Anxiety Apps”

Everyone has a story

When someone shares their grief and pain with us we should not take it as an opportunity to share ours. The problem is, that is the default response most of us have in our conversations. We wait for the tiniest of pauses while the other person takes a breath and we jump in with ourContinue reading “Everyone has a story”

Stretch 4 – emotional. Lean on…

It’s so difficult to read people’s faces under their masks so instead …. Ask for someone’s time for your support, even just 2 minutes. You deserve it as much as anyone else. Ask again. Maybe schedule a break together for mutual support and take turns listening. If you’re not being seen or heard then drawContinue reading “Stretch 4 – emotional. Lean on…”

Stretch 1 – Physical

I’m 65 and in physical therapy. If I don’t stretch my joints they quit moving freely. I become limited. In what ways have you become frozen like an arthritic joint, limited, but not just physically, maybe emotionally, spiritually? Let’s start with the physical. Sitting at your desk try one of these: 1 Raise your armsContinue reading “Stretch 1 – Physical”