They’re angry at me?!

Fear and helplessness are often the source of anger. Ask yourself, what might they be afraid of? Are they really angry at you, the person trying to save their loved one? That would be so counterproductive. Are they, rather, lashing out in fear? Step back emotionally, let go of defensiveness, it’s not really about you.Continue reading “They’re angry at me?!”

Stretch 4 – emotional. Lean on…

It’s so difficult to read people’s faces under their masks so instead …. Ask for someone’s time for your support, even just 2 minutes. You deserve it as much as anyone else. Ask again. Maybe schedule a break together for mutual support and take turns listening. If you’re not being seen or heard then drawContinue reading “Stretch 4 – emotional. Lean on…”

Stretch 3 – Stretching spiritually

Let go of doubt and anger towards God. Accept what is as just what is. If there’s a Plan we will not see it. If there’s a Reason we cannot understand it. Release the tensions that come from trying. Instead – stretch your heart and trust. Soften your heart to your pain so that HopeContinue reading “Stretch 3 – Stretching spiritually”

Stretch 1 – Physical

I’m 65 and in physical therapy. If I don’t stretch my joints they quit moving freely. I become limited. In what ways have you become frozen like an arthritic joint, limited, but not just physically, maybe emotionally, spiritually? Let’s start with the physical. Sitting at your desk try one of these: 1 Raise your armsContinue reading “Stretch 1 – Physical”